Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Joey Persecution is getting out of hand is the latest to get on the Joey Bashing train. In a piece of (insert adjective here) work they released recently titled, 'Top Draft Busts of the Modern Era', they named Joey Harrington as the #2 bust of all time. Really? Now, you can question the order they placed players in or wonder why they say 23 but only list 22 players, but you have to wonder how they justify placing Joey on this list. First of all, of the 22 players listed, Joey is the only one currently active in the NFL. Second, if you are going by Joeys stats and performance on the field, than he is not even the #1 bust in his own draft class, that honor would fall to David Carr. Yep, Carr has similar stats, worse TD-INT ratio, slightly fewer wins, and 12 fewer TD passes. Unlike Joey however, the Texans and media feel they haven't done enough to surround him with talent, so Carr gets an extension. Joey, playing for the Asylum in Detroit gets listed as the #2 bust of all time. As a side note, judging by this piece, it looks like is in need of sports writers. Best part? No actual sports knowledge is required!!


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