Monday, May 01, 2006

The Morning After

Am I the only one that woke up with an NFL hangover after this weekend's NFL Draft Bender? Approximately 890 hours of coverage over two days, covering 255 selections in 7 rounds. I TIVO'd the draft, both days of course, so I could replay parts where the wife spoke over St Mel of the Hair. For those that don't understand what watching this event is like, I'd say its' best compared to shoe shopping with Imelda Marcos on Rodeo Drive. With that aside, and with limited capacity to think today, I'll give you my Draft highlights.....

  1. Houston actually believing other teams would have taken Mario Williams over Reggie Bush. 11 sacks in his last 23 games? Funny how all the clips seemed to be of the same game in single coverage. Don't forget, his two line mates went in the first round as well;
  2. I don't see anyone telling Vernand Davis, now of the 49ers, that he shouldn't cry. Guess he's a little more intimidating than the 'stache;
  3. The Jets, Raiders, and Lions avoided sexy and went need. I think Leinart will be a great pro, but kudos to teams for sticking to their draft strategies. Jets did amazing, grabbing a potential 10 year stalwart at LT, and a promising young Center in the first round. Even better, they moved up (after moving down) to take my man Clemens in round 2, which means I'll be getting NY Jet season tickets in a couple years if he develops well!! After all that, they still get a #2 pick next year;
  4. Good thing D. Pends wasn't in the draft this year or the Bills may have reached for him as well;
  5. The nations best Wide Receiver went after 20+ others had gone, including some QB converts. Hass has proven himself before and will do so again at the next level. Funny how a man with such poor speed and ability to separate averaged over 17 yards a catch, while a speedster like Chad Jackson had a whopping 10.2 yard average. Oh yeah, I know, the Pac 10 is 'slow'.
  6. As much as we criticize athletes for leaving soon, it seems the trend is you must strike while the iron is hot. Leinart wasn't the only one hurt by staying in. Oregon TE Tim Day would have been a high day one selection had he come out last year, but he stayed one more season. Wouldn't have been an issue except the Ducks new offense unveiled last season did not utilize the TE as much and his production suffered because of it. All I know is the Bears have themselves a great free agent signing.

Alright, my head is pounding again, I'm going back to watch round 1, just to take the buzz off.


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