Monday, May 08, 2006

...and they said JOEY wasn't TOUGH?

The latest news from the NFL equivalent of 'All My Children' is that the Lions will forfeit two off season training days this week in order to settle a grievance with the NFL Players Association. Players will not be required to attend previously scheduled workouts Monday and Tuesday, but will still be paid for them. The complaints stem, as reported by Dan Wetzel of Yahoo sports from April minicamp drills that 'were just to physical'. Read Dan's article, I couldn't have satirically said it any better myself. However, in the meantime we were able to contact a source deep inside the Lions Organization who said that when workouts resume on Thursday they will all have a new piece of hardware attached to their helmets.

Let us just hope none of the players put an eye out with that thing, all the Lions need now is for OSHA to come in and shut down this dangerous place of employment.


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